Monday, June 17, 2013

Best writing links of June ( Thus Far )

... and some from months that aren't June. Sorry for being gone for so long, but I'm back in action for now, this time with a a bunch of useful writing tips and advice for all my fellow writer's out there.  This is a long one, it also has some odd formatting gaps and I apologize for those.

Fueling Conflict In Fiction :

25 things every writers should know :

John Green's rant on people thinking he doesn't need publisher and book stores :

8 Things Every Blogging Writer Should Know :

 Tips for writing a deaf/hearing impaired character :

The #1 tip for writing success :

 List of common misconceptions via Wikipedia :

Why men should speak out about sexism, misogyny and rape culture :

25 Things You Should Know About Young Adult Fiction :

5 Easy Ways to Publicize and Promote Your Book :
10 Things Your Opening Chapter Should Do :

5 Strategies To Make Your Short Story Stand Out In A Crowd :

Royalty-only anthologies and writer exploitation :

Trend Watch 2013 (Young adult) :

12 Most Get-Serious Questions for Writers :

A Short List of Great Resources for Racial Diversity in Sci-Fi :

 Use Character Quirks to Grab Readers' Attention :

 Ten Things [Chuck Wendig] Learned At BEA 2013 :

Have a link you think I might be interested in share it in? Fell free to share it in the comments down below. Also feel free to contact me on twitter: @vyctorian

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