Sunday, May 5, 2013

Awakened Inspiralation Best of the Week

A list of what I feel are the best writing articles or advice I've had the pleasure to read over the last week. They may not always have been written in the past week, but the past week is when I read them. I apologize if the links are poorly formatted I haven't gotten a chance to play around with blogger yet.

 * The 3 Types of Character Arc – Change, Growth and Fall:

 * How To Write Fiction Without The Fuss: how to write a scene :

 * On The Subject Of The “Strong Female Character” :

 * 5 Tips that Doubled My Productivity Last Year :

 * YA Lit Really Screws Over Parents :

 * Writing Excuses 8.17: Microcasting (This is actually a podcast, but I'm a huge fan of it.)


  1. Thanks for mentioning my article!

    By the way, I suggest that you bluelink all your URLs. It'll make things more convenient for the readers.

    1. You're very welcome and thanks for the tip. :D