Thursday, May 2, 2013

The power of giving up?

This is is by no-means a singular event with me but, last night I was writing, pretty badly. I had been drawing a blank for like twenty minutes trying to get past a scene (and I don't skip scenes). I'd just begun get over the block, when my writing program refreshed itself for some reason, likely me hitting the wrong key in my rapid typing frenzy, I saw this and I just got so frustrated I said, "Fuck it, I'm done!"

(I'm pretty open gamer on twitter and in gaming this is known as a "Rage-Quit", something gets so
frustrating you quit; traditionally defined rage isn't actually needed.)

But with a single beat, I went from "Fuck it, I'm done!" to "Fuck that, I'm not going to let this
beat me." Twenty minutes later I'd hit my daily word count and written some of the best dialogue I
think I've ever written.

This is the power of giving up or more accurately the power of momentary giving. The level of stress
goes away, because you've quit for the day. Your head clears, the weight on your heart lessens, muscles un-tense, breathing steadies, what's stressing you fades but you aren't really giving up;
You're hitting your personal reset button.

I see this in gamers all the time, they say they're quitting. The controller gets loose in their
hands, they reach for the off button; but they don't hit it sweaty palms re-grip the controller and
their eyes shift. With fires of determination reignited within them, they lean back and hit restart

Though I'm sure all professions have this, fuck; I'm pretty sure this is just a part of human
nature. We feel like nothing is working so we let go a bit, but vision is harder to let go of then our frustrations, and when our frustrations fade our vision clears and we push on ahead.

That's just my thoughts on the matter though. What are yours? I'd love to hear them in the comments down below.

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