Sunday, May 12, 2013

Best Writing Articles for the Week of 5/12/2013

A list of what I feel are the best writing articles or advice I've had the pleasure to read over the last week. They may not always have been written in the past week, but the past week is when I read them. A whole lot of social media talk this week.

* How to sell loads of books -,%20150526.0.html

* How To Maximize Your Word Count And Write More Every Day -

* Gangs of New Media: Twitchforks, the Hive Mind, and “Social Lasers of Cruelty” -

* Roundtable on News and Social Media -

* Social Media for Writers: A Kool-Aid Drinking Cult? -

This one isn't writing related per se but I know some writers deal with depression and this blog/comic hits the point well in my mind while also making me laugh:

* Hyperbole and a Half -

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